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          • Asia-Pacific Typhoon Collaborative Research Center conducted typhoon wind field measurement

            On September 4, Asia-Pacific Typhoon Collaborative Research Center (hereafter referred to as the Center) deployed instruments like laser wind measurement radars and wind profiling radars, and conducted high accuracy typhoon wind field measurement in Rui’an, Zhejiang, and Jinshan, Lingang New City and Yangshan Harbor of Shanghai in collaboration with a few institutions in response to typhoon Hinnamnor.

          • International Forum on High-quality Meteorological Development charts the course for better future

            On September 15, International Forum on High-quality Meteorological Development was held in Beijing. It aims to share the experience of development plan formulation and high-quality development, as well as establishing a global exchange and collaboration platform for meteorological strategic research.

          • CMA and PMD collaborates in responding to flood disaster in Pakistan

            On 2 September 2022, Mr. Zhuang Guotai, Administrator of China Meteorological Administration (CMA), sent CMA’s concern over the severe flooding ravaging Pakistan through his letter to Pakistan Meteorological Department (PMD). He reinforced CMA’s commitment in enhancing cooperation with PMD to jointly ramp up the capacity of disaster preparedness and response to climate change.

          Upcoming Events

          • 24-26, October
            Fourth Ministerial Conference on Space Applications for Sustainable Development in Asia and the Paci
          • 24-28, October
            INFCOM-2 of WMO
          • 6-18, November
            WMO at COP27